Cancer Recovery Information

1) Metabolic blood tests, Adrenal Stress Index, BTA and CRA testing to look at patterns of imbalances and adaptive gland weakness. We recommend supplementation to nourish and help rebuild your bodies adaptive systems. This helps your body to recover and heal itself and also to activate a stronger immune system. Just remember, your body was nutrition deficient first, before it was led into a chronic illness. The reverse effect is to provide proper nutrition and diet and move the body's unhealthy terrain into a healthy environment.

2) Anti-Cancer Diet: Special health regeneration diet. Delete foods that promote cellular breakdown and incorporate foods that accelerate healing.

3) Anti-Catabolic Program: Catabolic breakdown accelerates with age. Our anabolic and anti-catabolic program helps your body to repair much quicker. Repair and rebuild is accelerated.

4) Build up the immune system through supplementation and Vitamin IV's.

IV Vitamin Therapy is used to treat a variety of illnesses such as Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Colds and Flu.

Removal of Toxic Substances, reducing inflammation, correction of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies, and enhancement of the immune system are additional benefits of IV Vitamin treatment.

IV Vitamin Therapy can greatly aid in wound healing after surgery. Vitamin C is the main component in the vitamin mixture along with all of the other necessary vitamins and minerals. The use of IV therapy eliminates the usual problems with a patient's gastro-intestinal system encountered in taking Vitamin C orally.

The treatment infuses the vitamin cocktail directly into the bloodstream where it has an almost instant effect on body tissues.

Patients with Arthritis can greatly benefit from IV Vitamin therapy. Two of the vitamins used, C and B6, have tremendous anti-inflammatory effects and patients have shown almost immediate reduction in pain and swelling. Some have been able to completely stop their oral anti-inflammatory medications after several treatments with IV Vitamins. IV Vitamins are completely non-toxic and don't harm the gastrointestinal track as oral medication can.

5) FIR Sauna and lymphatic massage to activate toxin release.

5) FIR Sauna and lymphatic massage to activate toxin release.

7) Rebuild weak organs and glands through supplementation, LED and SRT therapy.

8) Enzyme Therapy: Enzymes deliver nutrients, break down and carry away toxic waste, digest food, purify the blood, deliver hormones, balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels, feed the brain, build protein into muscle, and feed and fortify the endocrine system. Enzymes are the taxicabs. They help take nutrition into the cells.

9) (Theotherapy) Release destructive emotional patterns that cause weakness in the body through prayer and grief processing. The body is a slave to the soul. What is in the soul will manifest itself into the physical body. Patterns of unforgiveness will lead to breakdown. Forgiveness must come from the heart. Most of the time this is in many layers.

10) Holistic Skin Care Facials to help boost your self esteem and therefore activating the immune system.
11) Validate through testing.

We Give HOPE:

  • Hear Me
  • Observe Me
  • Prepare Me
  • Equip Me With Knowledge

  • Soften my heart and enable me to hear from you, oh GOD, I want to make righteous choices in your will. please forgive me of all my sins and have mercy on me and heal my mind, soul and body. i am walking in faith and trusting you, LORD, with all my heart.